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About Us 


ARTBEAT brings together people who love to dance! It was established with the conviction that dance is for everyone, and allows people to find freedom in their bodies and mind. ARTBEAT is an accessible class for adults over 18 years with all types of abilities.


ARTBEAT is a free-form dance practice, where participants are able to go at their own pace, while experimenting with their own dance moves. Each week we dance to a variety of genres ie: hip hop, swing, electronica, rock, classical, pop etc.


This means you're bound to have a lot of fun, while also developing body awareness, mindfulness, and relieving stress.


ARTBEAT classes are safe and supportive and no dance experience is required. 






Deb Mansfield is an artist and dancer who passionately inspires expression through free-form dance. In the beautiful light filled dance studio, she creates a welcoming and fun environment where participants are able to tap into their inner-dancer with confidence and freedom.


Deb works with ARTBEAT's co-director Harriet Body to create a class that breaks free from the culture of instruction, and leaves students feeling invigorated, grounded and inspired.


Deb has been an artist since 2000, and moved into free-form dance in 2013. She has 17 years experience teaching contemporary art at Australia's top universities, and founded the Just Dance (Chippendale) school in 2015.


As a contemporary artist Deb has worked across photography, sculpture, performance and ceramics, but the creative outlet she finds the most rewarding is dance. Deb's passion to introduce free-form dance to the broader Sydney community, continues her ongoing commitment to include people of all abilities into the life-changing world of dance.




Harriet Body is an artist, educator, and arts worker who loves to dance! She is passionate about creating accessible and safe dance experiences for all students, supporting them to explore their own individualism to discover freedom through dance.


Harriet works with co-director Deb Mansfield to create dance experiences that encourage creativity and inspire mindfulness which contributes to overall well-being and a strong mind-body connection.


Harriet has practiced Iyengar and Vinuasa yoga for over ten years and has developed a dance practice over the past 3 years. She has six years experience in art-education program development for adults with disability and dementia, working in various public galleries as well as at the Museum of Contemporary Art and at Studio A. Harriet has practiced as an artist for over ten years, working in painting, textiles, ceramic and performance. 




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