about the artwork

 About Deb Mansfield's artwork




Mansfield's visual art research looks at liminal geographies and spaces of in-between. Since 2000, she has participated in over thirty-five group exhibitions and had nineteen solo exhibitions. 


Mansfield looks to the peripheral spaces - islands, travel, care - as a way of investigating the nature of boundaries and borders. In choosing spaces that are neither here nor there, and by conflating truth and fiction, her practice echoes the type of exploratory travel that first inspired it. She makes use of these sites as stop-overs, moments of respite in her navigation across a contemporary cultural landscape.


Through her photography, tapestry, sculptural and installation works, the precarious nature of in-bewtween-ness is explored by re-imagining appropriated narratives and forms. Drawing on stories and materialities that are at once familiar but functionally alienating to Mansfield, she uses her novice-perspective to work her personal experiences into more infamous tales 
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