Collaboration #1:


September 2015  ::  TIME/LAPSE: Voice Gesture and the Material Self

A performative-lecture with Deidre Brollo











About:  In September 2015, Deidre Brollo and Deb Mansfield gave a performative-lecture at The Lock Up as part of the Symposium Next to Nothing: Art as PerformanceThe performative-lecture aimed to explore the dynamics between materiality and performance. Through the simultaneous transmission of two different texts - one mediated by and through the audience, the other gestural and unspoken - the artists sought to problematise the process of information dissemination.


Dissonance, error and distraction intersect with the frequencies of care, kinship and exchange. The resulting collisions of voice, gesture and meaning call into question the assumption that materiality and performance are at a loss to one another. The performative-lecture attempts to question the binary tensions associated with materiality and performance, as well as other oppositions often posited between artist and audience, action and object, process and document.




Sean Lowry  ::  Convener of Creative and Performing Arts, University of Newcastle

Jenny McMahon - Associate Professor Philosophy, University of Adelaide



Elizabeth Coleman, David Macarthur, James Phillips and Daniel von Sturmer 
 What I heard


::  there's so much i want to tell you to translate my words into thoughts  ::  

::  operation and deconstruction something something  ::  

::  signs of knowing electrical and something  ::  

::  you remember what we mean and then something and then it sprawls  ::  

::  have you heard what I said? yes no i'll leave my hand over  :: 
 What I said


::  performance has a periphery and it is the floor  ::  

::  materiality does not sit on the sidelines sighing (SIGH)  ::  

::  if i move my shoulder in a certain way, then I will either begin welding or dancing  ::  

::  sigh and be kind, drop and grind, sigh and be kind, weld and grind  ::  

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