chronicle #3


my aunts





This work is a topographical viewpoint of Brisbane Port. The port was originally a low-laying island, but after years of constant reshaping of the shoreline for industry and mainland access, the island is now more sharp-lines than tides and mangroves.


During its third major reshaping (1981), the port became a site for an environmental sit-in that lasted eight months. My two aunts Tante Goozie and Tante Borgie walked the perimeter of this island/port a total of seventeen times during this period, and were arrested four times for doing so.


My grandmother (their mother) has a picture of her two eldest daughters being arrested by the Brisbane police on her bedside table.


My mother (the youngest of the sisters) could not take part in the walking protest because we lived in Mackay at the time and she had to work night shifts at the nursing home.











Copper and Silver and Sonar 



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