chronicle #4


my uncles





Tante Goozie and Tante Borgie are married to my Uncles Helmut and Herman respectively. My uncles have also been involved in environmental protests since the 1980's, but unlike my aunts, whose protests have always focused on non-violent agitation and endurance, my uncles prefer immediate and aggressive methods. This has caused a fair amount of tension in our extended family.


The last protest that my uncles attempted, involved a lost-island in Newcastle called Nobby's. It's lost, not because it disappeared into the sea (as you might imagine in that Atlantis way), but because a 1.5 kilometre land-link between the island and the mining town was built in 1876.


And it's held.


Any outsider passing through Newcastle today would think Nobby's to be nothing more than an interesting, and maybe rather beautiful, headland.


My aunts and uncles however, do not believe Nobby's should stay attached to the mainland. They think the blocking of the ocean with the causeway, is causing catastrophic environmental damage to Newcastle's foreshore, and more poetically, they believe that the island should be set 'free' and returned to its natural state.


My uncles tried to destroy the causeway between the town and the island by using explosives, but only managed to dislodge a precarious rock overhang on the southside of the island. The disruption caused nothing more than a barrier to be put up on the causeway to warn pedestrians of the loose rubble, and to watch their step. My uncles gave up any other attempts and went back to Brisbane. 










Emotional distress and distaste for Newcastle (the explosion has never been any different)



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