chronicle #1



looking up     (Edmund Fitzgerald / Ryan Renshaw) 




It was late and two days of unrelenting storm left the night sky dull with cloud and wash. He was meant to be having the month off, helping his brother set up the business, but McSorley had asked for him in person. At the time, he'd thought the request didn't really leave him a choice, but now the reality of his decision weighed heavy.


He went about his routine doing what he had to do; in these seas (or this storm) you always kept an extra ear out. He couldn't get above it in any way. Like every other man on board, he imagined the depths and the calm they would bring. It was a dangerous mood.


His thoughts went back to his brother's kids, how excited they'd been about the rocket launch. He mulled over the timing and placed the spaceship somewhere above him. For a moment he thought he saw boosters flare in the night sky, at once knowing it couldn't be more than the range-light reflecting off the spray.












looking down     (Challenger / Stills Gallery) 




She was hurtling forwards so fast that her bones felt outside of her. It was different to the test runs - more emotional. Months before, during one of their lunchtime conversations, Ellison had warned her of this mood. He'd tried to map it out in the hope that some sense of expecting the unexpected would make it reasonable, but it was never going to be that.


Yet the peculiarity of the g-force brought about a quiet in her shaking mind and she was able to, for a moment, adjust her gaze and look back towards earth. A swelling storm filled the porthole, a mass of swirling cloud and lighting striking bright flashes in the grey. 


She could feel the heat from the hydrogen-fuel maelstrom beneath her, yet in that brief moment, she was fixated on the boats pushing against the storm below. 'Get out of the water' she thought. 



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