Collab #6



'Dump'Fylling'   (2003)  ::  Collaboration with Camilla Birkeland (Norway)  ::  9:10 min.



Not far from the Brisbane Port, there is a bird sanctuary in the mangroves. For many years it was a fylling (Norwegian term for 'dump' or 'tip'). The mud there is brown on the surface, but black and oily underneath. It's a gamble to walk through it without shoes on as misshapen pieces of metal and other oddities lie beneath the surface.


When Birkeland and I did this performance for video, our knees and hands were repeatedly cut, and made all the more painful from the salt water and toxic mud. To lie down in this landscape was to feel your skin sting all over (a sensation that continued for hours after the performance). But to lie down in this landscape was to also disappear in it.  'Reappearing' out of the mud is brought on by a calling of birds (and the pain threshold). Yet, the time between the two bodies disappearing and reappearing is the most crucial part of the dump/fylling performance. The landscape can be observed, and the bodies (potentially) forgotten and spaces of in-between are brought to light.


There is also a snazzy ending. 





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